How to duplicate your Pro sites for translation

When should you duplicate your site

You probably don't want to duplicate your site for translation before you are finished writing and testing the content of your primary site. Once a site is duplicated, changes made to the parent site will not show on the duplicate site. It is also important that each site, with its own language, takes on its own personality.

The duplication is here to help provide you with a good base for translating your website. But if you need to add pages or content to the primary site, they will not be moved to the duplicated site automatically. New pages will have to be created on both sites. When you consider how quick and easy SimpleDifferent is this is not such a big deal.

Duplicating your Pro sites is easy.

• Just enter your 'Account Preferences' in the tool bar and select 'Duplicate for Translation'. You will be asked what Pro site you want to duplicate and the language you will translate this site into.

• Select unique names that will let you and your users know what site is being viewed. You can find advice here on how to choose a good name for your site.

• Click the "Create New Website" button.
The duplicated website can be accessed through
     - the link immediatly proposed,

     - or also with the menu on the top left of your site editor

     - or by clicking the corresponding flag on your original site.

 • If the language you whish is not available in the menu, you can select 'other' and upload a custom flag for your language.

• If you select the wrong flag or wish to change the language of  your site later you can do this in your site settings menu in the tab named "Change the written language of this site".

Pro tip: If you are managing multiple translations at once, it might be a good idea to have a different graphic theme for each. This acts as an early warning sign if you have multiple people that could be working on the site. It will allow to reduce the possibility of having multiple translators working on the site at the same time, which is not recommended.

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