Hiring a professional to do your translation

It is easy to hand over your work for professional translation

How to choose the right translator for your website

• You need somebody who understands your line of work and your type of client. Often translators are specialized in certain fields. It might be appropriate to consider hiring a professional for the benefit of your site. Find somebody who is used to writing for the type of clients you have.

• Having somebody who is experienced in writing for the web is preferable. If this is not possible you can have your translator carefully read our guide about writing for the web.

 • Blindly translating your site word for word will give dull or even incorrect results and will often be a waste of time. You need someone who is able to understand your site and provide you with feedback about the way you address your reader. The professional point of view of the translator is not only important in the new language but also to improve the original version of the site.

 • Choose somebody who cares more about explaining and making things simple than using "pretty language". The later is often a 'natural' tendency among professional writers. Writing for the web is usually about using a succesion of short and clear sentences. Google translate in this case can be a useful check. [ Google automated translation service ]

 • Your future translator should, in the best case, actually ask all these questions before starting. A professional should be curious and try to understand your intention, your reader, and the keywords used to look for your site on search engines. Before starting your translator can read our page about

How to choose the keywords of a website.

Collaboration made easy

The ease of the SimDif interface makes it easy for you to hire all varieties of professionals to work directly on your website. This could be a photographer, a graphic designer or a writer, but it could also be a translator, who will allow you to bring your website to a larger audience. 

Because the interface is so easy to use

You can duplicate your site for a translator and point her in the right direction. She will be able to easily learn the interface of our website builder and work with the layout of the newly duplicated site. This works much better than translating to a document and trying to implement the changes yourself. The layout is visible immediately and changes can be made on the go to ensure that you have the best translation of your website possible.

Develop a relationship with your translator

It is a very good idea to hire a translator that is working in your area or one you can easily contact over the phone or on Skype. This way you will be able to work face to face with your translator. They will have a better understanding of your needs and you will feel more confident that they have understood the meaning of what you are trying to communicate with your readers. 

Do a quick Google search for translators working in your area, you might be surprised to find just how many people are doing this kind of work. As an alternative you can also ask a friend that you know speaks the language natively.
Remember it is always better to have a native speaker do the translation where possible.